February 21th 2020

I have no words, I had an incredible evening. Thank you to everyone who made this unique experience possible. A moment of glitter and unreality.
Everyone is: The Victories of Classical Music, France 3, France Musique, Orchester national de Metz, David Reiland, Bertrand Chamayou, Cité musicale-Metz, the technical team, the make-up artists…
But above all, thank you to you, who voted, who made this show an extraordinary event. I want to share this victory with everyone involved in wind instruments, oboe makers, Marigaux, suppliers of cane for reeds, who promote our instrumental heritage throughout the world!
I also want to express my sincere admiration to Théotime Langlois de Swarte, for his music, his research and his projects and to Raphaëlle Moreau, for his stratospheric playing and his accuracy, in every way!
I look forward to seeing what will follow.
From the bottom of the heart, THANKS.

Photo © Pierre Perusseau